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County Highway Right-of-Way Permits

Carver County Public Works regulates and gives approval for the use and occupancy of county highway right-of-way under its jurisdiction for various uses through a permitting process and a document known as a right-of-way permit. Any individual or entity must receive an approved permit application to legally use, encumber, or place a facility within county highway right-of-way. Permit approval depends on meeting technical and legal guidance that incorporates the interests of Carver County and of the applicant. Changes, iterations, and extra processing of a permit application may be required.

Before beginning work within the county highway right-of-way, an individual or entity must submit the appropriate permit application form with reasonable lead time for review and approval. Typically, the applicant will need to do some work ahead of time and provide a site map or plan of work and its impact on the specific county highway(s) in question.

The County uses an online, fillable PDF application form.  Certain computer system software requirements are required for the applicant’s computer to work with the software version available at the County. Please use Internet Explorer to complete and submit the permit application forms. Please turn off any pop-up blockers to view.

All applications and attached exhibits are required to be submitted via the “Submit” button on the bottom of the permit form. Clicking on the “Submit” button will email the application to the following email address For permit questions, please call 952-466-5200.

Please download the applicable permit application form to submit for approval. Paper forms and handwritten applications will not be accepted.

Permit Submittal Requirements:

  • All permit applications are now in the form of fillable PDF’s and must be submitted electronically.
  • All permit applications must now be signed and terms and conditions acknowledged digitally.
  • All permit applications must be submitted via email to
  • All permit applications require detailed location and route maps be submitted.

Certificate of Insurance and Utility Registration Information

Prior to obtaining an approved permit and performing physical work in the county highway right-of-way, the applicant and/or contractor must have a valid certificate of insurance. In addition, individuals or entities applying for a utility permit must be registered with Carver County Public Works and in good standing. To become registered, please complete the registration form and submit to Some special event permits may require a certificate of insurance and other risk management measures.


Review Permit Requirements

Prior to be being able to “Submit” a permit, the applicant is required to sign and acknowledge a set of permit requirements and acknowledgements, which contain a number of conditions and responsibilities for the applicant.


Land Development Review Process

The intent of this document is to clarify how the Carver County Public Works development review process works for land development projects that affect the current and future county transportation system.


Permit Applications

Utility Permit

A Utility Permit is required for the construction or adjustment of public and private utility facilities within the county highway right-of-way. This permit will not be combined with other permits if the additional work is covered by another permit listed on this page. 


Moving Transportation Permit

Moving/Transportation ANNUAL Permit

Consistent with Minnesota State Statutes and the MnDOT Office of Freight and Commercial Vehicle Operations, a Moving Transportation Permit is required for any vehicle or trailer using county highways exceeding legal load limits and any of the following dimensions:

  • Width: 8.5 feet
  • Height: 13.5 feet
  • Length:
    • Single Vehicle: 45 feet
    • Mobile/Truck Crane: 48 feet
    • Semi Trailer: 48 feet
    • Two-vehicle Combination: 75 feet
    • Saddle-mount Vehicle Transporter: 97 feet

Visit the Commercial Vehicle Operations in Minnesota website for more information. During seasonal load limit restrictions, certain Seasonal Load Restrictions (SLR) will be enforced and vehicle or trailer will be permitted exceeding legal load or posted load limits.


Bridge Postings

Be sure to check out the current bridge postings before planning your route!


Seasonal Load Restriction Postings

Be sure to check out the Seasonal Load Restriction postings before planning your route!


Residential/Field Access Permit

A Residential/Field Access Permit is required for all new or reconstructed residential driveways or field approaches. A permit is also required when an existing driveway is modified, such as when a lot is split and an additional residence will now use the same access.

A Residential/Field Access Permit is required if:

  • your property fronts on a county highway right-of-way and you wish to create a driveway that will connect to the highway
  • your property has an existing, non-permitted driveway with no structures on your property, and you are requesting access for development of the site
  • you are bringing your access up to current standards
  • your property access is from a private road that connects to a county highway


Street or Commercial Access Permit

A Commercial/Street Access Permit is required for all new or reconstructed commercial or street access locations that connect to a county highway, or if the land use type or development intensity is being changed for an existing access to a county highway.


Excavating / Grading Permit

An Excavating/Grading Permit is required for any construction being performed within the County Right-of-Way. This requirement may be waived if the work is covered by another permit listed on this page. For example, constructing a new driveway access will not require an Excavating/Grading permit; the grading would be regulated through the access permit.


Obstruction Permit

An Obstruction Permit is required for any obstructions affecting the traveling public on a county highway as part of permitted construction work being done within the county highway right-of-way. Usually this permit is required for highway, lane and shoulder closures.


Special Event Permit

Special Event permit is required for the closure of the traveled portion of the roadway or shoulder for a specific location and time. A detailed traffic control management plan must be submitted with the permit application form. Some special event permits may require additional public outreach measures and a certificate of insurance and other risk management measures.

NOTE: These permits are for Carver County Highways ONLY. Separate permits may be required for local and state roadways.

For permit questions, please call 952-466-5200.