Program Delivery

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Darin Mielke, Assistant Public Works Director

MISSION STATEMENT:  The Program Delivery Department is responsible for the design and construction of county highways and bridges. Other department responsibilities include:

  • Annual inspection of township, city, and county bridges.
  • Traffic safety and impact studies.
  • Biannual traffic counts on all county highways.
  • Issuance of utility, access, moving, and transportation permits.
  • Review of developments that impact county roads.
  • Creation of traffic and highway policies.
  • Short and long term local and regional transportation studies.
  • Maintenance of signs and traffic signal systems.
  • Development and maintenance of Asset Management Systems.


New Signal Design Information “Flashing Yellow Arrow Design”
A relatively new signal has been installed at County Road 11 and County Road 61 (Mills Fleet Farm Entrance) and at County Road 10 and County Road 11 that will become more and more common across the State and Country as it has become a new standard. The signal provide more flexibility to control the intersection during heavy traffic conditions while reducing needless wait time for drivers during low traffic periods.  More information can be found at: