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Welcome to Carver County Parks!

This department operates the parks of Baylor Regional Park, Lake Minnewashta Regional Park and Lake Waconia Regional Park situated on the lakes of Eagle, Minnewashta and Waconia respectively. This department also manages sections of the Dakota Rail Regional Trail, Southwest Regional Trail, & Minnesota River Bluffs Regional Trail.

Each park & trail is a natural-resource focused recreation area. Within these parks you will find swimming beaches, forests and prairies, trails, playgrounds, boat accesses, campgrounds, picnic facilities and more. Each park provides different opportunities and experiences. Discover more about these parks by clicking on the icons above. For additional information, please contact the Carver County Park Office at (952) 466-5250 or by e-mail.

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Park Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Parks and Recreation Department is to provide a variety of quality recreational experiences, services, and lands that meet the needs of the residents of Carver County and Carver County Regional Park users.

Carver County Park and Trail Locations

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