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Mike Legg, Operations Manager

IMG20140729133605The Equipment Maintenance and Highway Maintenance Departments were combined in 2013 with reorganization into the Operations Department.  The Operations Department is responsible for the maintenance of the county highway system including 270 miles of roadway and 55 county bridges.  It is also responsible for the servicing of all county vehicles and county major pieces of equipment.  Department responsibilities include snowplowing, sheet patching, seal-coating, signing, pavement marking, roadside spraying, roadside mowing, crack-filling, shouldering, erosion control, hand patching, and culvert repair About 250 vehicle/equipment units are serviced at the Public Works Headquarters facility in Cologne.  The county currently operates highway maintenance shops located in Hollywood Township, Young America Township, Benton Township (Public Works Headquarters), and Chaska (combined facility with MnDOT). The County has completed a Public Works Facilities Study which will result in the consolidation of the Norwood Young America and Watertown shops into one facility located in Hollywood Township.  This will occur in 2015 and 2016.  The study also recommended the expansion of the PWHQ facility.  Implementation of the PWHQ facility is planned in the future and detailed in the County Long Term Financial Plan.

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