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Tree Program

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Carver SWCD Tree and Native Prairie Seed Program

We offer bare-root tree and shrub seedlings, and native prairie seed mixes for landowners. The trees and shrubs are sold in bundles of 25, ranging from 6-18" tall when they arrive. Anyone can place an order, you do not need to be a Carver County resident. Planting trees and native grasses not only beautifies your property, but it also contributes to better water quality, and helps prevent erosion.

We offer three different native prairie seed mixes - pollinator, shortgrass and tallgrass. The pollinator mix covers 1,500 square feet, and consists of 0.5 lb. of pure live seed (PLS).  The shortgrass and tallgrass mixes both cover 5,000 square feet, and consist of 1.75 PLS lbs.

Our tree and native prairie seed program is operated on a pre-paid, first-come, first-serve basis, while supplies last. The earlier you place your order, the better your chances are of receiving the quantities and species you want.  We begin taking orders in the fall every year, for spring delivery. If we sell out of a species, there is no guarantee that we will be able to obtain more stock from our supplier.  Please feel free to contact the office before placing your order, to ensure we have adequate stock.

Everyone who has ordered trees in the past, should receive a copy of the Carver SWCD's fall newsletter which includes the tree order form.  If you are not on our mailing list, and would like to receive our newsletters, contact Felicia.  We do require payment in full at the time of your order, checks are preferred as the payment type.  Our trees are typically handed out at the end of April Baylor Park in Norwood Young America. You will receive your notification either by mail or email about one week before delivery with the specific pick up information.

Native seed species lists and photos:

  • The Pollinator Prairie Packet has over 25 species of wildflowers, including 3 or more in each bloom season.
  • The Shortgrass and Flower Prairie Packet is designed for dry, well-drained sites, or where shorter species are desired. The maximum height is approximately 3'.
  • The Tallgrass and Flower Prairie Packet has a mixed height prairie species, for medium moisture or clay soils. It contains the iconic tallgrass prairie species like Big Bluestem and Indiangrass, as well as over 15 species of forbs.          

Tree Descriptions with Photos

The above document lists all of our trees with their scientific and common name, as well as short descriptions with photos.



Fir, Balsam

Pine, White

Spruce, Black Hills







Tall Hardwood

Aspen, Quaking

Birch, River

Maple, Red

Maple, Sugar

Oak, Northern Red

Oak, Swamp White





Medium Hardwood

Crabapple, Red Splendor

Plum, American

Redbud, Eastern











Dogwood, Red Osier

Elderberry, American

Hazelnut, American

Lilac, Villosa

Ninebark, Common

Serviceberry (Juneberry)

Sumac, Staghorn


Tree descriptions and photos are courtesy of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, the University of Minnesota Extension Service,  North Dakota State University and the North Dakota Extension Service, and USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. Some descriptions are for a similar variety of tree, and may not be exactly what we receive from our nurseries.

Helpful Tree Information from the Minnesota DNR

Emerald Ash Borer Information

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Minnesota Department of Agriculture
University of Minnesota Extension Service



11360 Highway 212, Suite 6
Cologne, MN 55322
Phone:  (952) 466-5230

Primary Contact
Felicia Brockoff, Administrative & Finance Specialist