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Carver County Lake Monitoring

Lakes are monitored March through October.  Monthly measurements are taken of total phosphorus, chlorophyll-a, and secchi depth (water clarity and transparency).

Use the interactive map below to view monitoring data for all lakes monitoring be CCWMO.



Lake Water Quality Monitoring Maps

All lake data

Lake Vegetation Monitoring Maps


Swede Lake
 Firemans Lake
 Swede Lake Veg Map  Firemans Lake Veg Map  Bavaria Lake Veg Map
 Courthouse  Hydes  Burandt
 Courthouse Lake Veg Map  Hydes Lake Veg Map  Burandt Lake Veg Map


 Assumption Lake
 Benton Lake  Reitz Lake 
 Assumption Veg Monitoring  Benton Veg Monitoring  Reitz Veg Monitoring
 Brickyard Lake  Lake Maria  
 Brickyard Veg Monitoring  Maria Veg Monitoring  


Additional agencies involved in monitoring lakes and streams in Carver County include the Metropolitan Councils Watershed Monitoring Program (WOMP) and Citizen-Assisted Monitoring Program (CAMP),  Minnesota Pollution Control Agencies (MPCA) Citizen Lake Monitoring Program (CLMP), Carver County Environmental Services, Carver County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD), and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA).