Irrigation Program

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Irrigation and conserving groundwater

A new program will be piloted in Chaska in summer of 2019, an irrigation efficiency program.  This program aims to conserve groundwater and prevent water runoff by improving the efficiency of irrigation systems.  Conservation of groundwater will save both residents and the city financial resources and protect water supplies for future residents. Prevention of runoff will help protect lakes and rivers. 

Program details 

Carver County Water Management Organization purchased a number Rachio 8-zone 2nd generation SMART controllers. Chaska residents can sign up to purchase these controllers for a discounted price of $20. Residents must schedule a time and come pick up the SMART controller from the organization’s office in Chaska.

Participants will be asked to commit to installing the controlling within two weeks of pick up, submitting proof of installation and taking a follow up survey at the end of the summer.  If the applicant chooses to have a contractor install the SMART controller, the expected cost for that visit may be around $50.


The program will be offered first to residents within the pilot area of zone 4. Properties in zone 4 are connected to one booster station, which allows for easy monitoring of irrigation usage for program evaluation. After May 31st, 2019 the program will open to all Chaska residents. 


  • Must have a currently functional irrigation system. New construction or installations of irrigation systems do not qualify; product purchased must be used as a replacement for an old fixture.
  • Must have a smartphone (necessary to program and to control the controller).
  • Must have in-home 2.4 GHz OR dual band Wi-Fi access; replacement controller is NOT compatible with 5 GHz.
  • Must be a resident of the City of Chaska, your home must be located in Chaska and you must be connected to the city's water supply.

Before applying

It is suggested that interested applicants contact an irrigation professional to assess the condition of their system prior to application. Run each station for 2-3 minutes, observe any obvious sprinkler problems, and fix them. Common issues to look for are listed below:

  • sprinkler heads that do not turn due to wear
  • sprinkler heads that are misaligned
  • broken or missing sprinkler heads
  • leaking sprinkler heads and pipe connections
  • sprinkler heads bent at an angle
  • sprinkler heads that do not rise above the grass
  • sprinkler heads that do not pop because grass has grown over them
  • sprinkler heads with missing or clogged nozzles
  • Pressure problems indicated by misting (high pressure) or weak spray (low pressure).

Homeowner's Associations

Homeowners Associations have options and should contact water management organization staff. 

Resources and Reviews for Rachio 2 generation 

Program contact

Madeline Seveland
(952) 361-1026