Chaska Irrigation Efficiency Program

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Program purpose 

This program aims to conserve groundwater and prevent water runoff by improving the efficiency of irrigation systems.  Conservation of groundwater will save both residents and the city financial resources and protect water supplies for future residents. Prevention of runoff will help protect lakes and rivers. The City of Chaska and Carver County Water Management Organization received a grant in 2020 from the Metropolitan Council to continue this program from 2019. 

Who and what  

The program invites City of Chaska residents with irrigation systems to purchase a Rachio smart sprinkler controller. Smart controllers work by connecting to your home’s WiFi and reading local weather reports and forecasts to decide whether or not your yard needs additional water. The device can be controlled by your smartphone, computer or smart home device.

Residents pay $50.00 for a controller, receiving an instant rebate of $179. Residents must schedule a time and come pick up the controller from Carver County Water Management Organization in Chaska. Residents will be asked to commit to installing the controller within two weeks of pick up and submitting photo proof of installation. One controller per residence.


Residents must

  • Must be a residential water customer of the City of Chaska. Your home must be located in Chaska and connected to the City of Chaska’s water supply including outside irrigation. 
  • Must have a currently functional irrigation system.  
  • Irrigation system and controller must be 5 years old, or older to participate. Systems under 5 years are more efficient. New construction or installations of irrigation systems do not qualify; product purchased must be used as a replacement for an old fixture.
  • Must have a smartphone. This is necessary to program and to control the controller. 
  • Must have in-home 2.4 GHz OR dual band Wi-Fi access; Rachio controller is NOT compatible with 5 GHz.
  • Must have not participated in the 2019 City of Chaska/ Carver County WMO smart controller program. 
  • The Rachio provided is an indoor unit. If your controller is located outside you will need to purchase the enclosure on your own.

Controllers are distributed on a first come, first served basis. The City and County reserve the right to refuse any application for any reason it sees fit. 

Before applying

Interested applicants should assess the condition of their system prior to application. Run each station for 2-3 minutes, observe any obvious sprinkler problems, and fix them. If you have a irrigation contractor, request they perform an audit and look for the following.

  • sprinkler heads that do not turn due to wear
  • sprinkler heads that are misaligned
  • broken or missing sprinkler heads
  • leaking sprinkler heads and pipe connections
  • sprinkler heads bent at an angle
  • sprinkler heads that do not rise above the grass
  • sprinkler heads that do not pop because grass has grown over them
  • sprinkler heads with missing or clogged nozzles
  • Pressure problems indicated by misting (high pressure) or weak spray (low pressure).

Homeowner's Associations

Homeowners Associations have options and should contact water management organization staff. 

To apply

Fill out and submit this application. You will be contacted by staff within 1 week. 


Lawn Health 

Often, if a lawn looks poor, we think it just needs water. But there are more factors that make a lawn healthy. One of those factors is having a healthy soil. Healthy soils support grass and other plants, reduce weeds, and reduce need for water. Your lawn may be compacted, or have little organic matter, or lack healthy microbes. Using chemicals kills off the healthy soil microbes necessary for a healthy lawn. Learn how to get a healthy soil

Program contact

Madeline Seveland
(952) 361-1026

Program support

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