Waters of Carver County - the next 20 years

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On February 8th, 2017, CCWMO hosted event to celebrate 20 years of protecting and preserving waters and plan for the future of lakes, rivers and wetlands.  Two speakers talked about issues and solutions around lakes, rivers, stormwater and water pollution. Paul Huttner, meteorologist with MN Public Radio, spoke on challenges communities are facing with changing precipitation patterns. Steve Woods, Executive Director of Freshwater Society, spoke on what cities are doing to overcome those challenges.

Posters & Videos


Video 1: When it rains, it pours: changing precipitation patterns in MN and Carver County (Paul Huttner) and first half of Butch Cassidy and ET visit Carver County (Steve Woods).

Video 2: Butch Cassidy and ET visit Carver County (Steve Woods).

Video 3: Waters of Carver County - the Next 20 years (Paul Moline).


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A look at the evening

4:30 to 7:30p.m. 

Open House to view CCWMO accomplishments, lend your input to the water management plan update and enjoy refreshments. Snacks are provided and beverages available at Crooked Pint.


Paul Huttner, Meteorologist for Minnesota Public Radio, will present on challenges local communities are facing with larger and changing precipitation events. Steve Woods, Freshwater Society will present on what solutions local communities are using to tackle water problems.


Paul Moline, with CCWMO will discuss what’s ahead for local water resources.



Attendees will also have the chance to;

  • taste tap waters from around the metro at our pop up Water Bar
  • look at education items created by Chanhassen Elementary 4th graders that teach about different water topics
  • and provide input and ideas for managing lakes and rivers as we update our Water Management Plan.