Watercraft Inspection & Decontamination Program

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The principle mission of our Watercraft Inspection and Decontamination Program is to prevent the introduction of new invasive species into Carver County waters and to prevent the spread of established invasive species between waters in the region. We accomplish this mission through a combination of public education, watercraft inspections, and watercraft decontamination services. Inspections and public education both happen on site at public water accesses throughout the county. Our mission is also accomplished through collaborations with state agencies, local organizations, and advocacy groups such as lake property-owner associations and regional environmental organizations. Since 2011, when we began posting watercraft inspectors at Lake Minnewashta, our program has gradually expanded throughout the County. We now have watercraft inspectors and educators at 11 lakes and a mobile decontamination unit available for the public free of charge.

Our Watercraft Inspection Program is supported by a combination of public and private funding sources. If you are interested in establishing an invasive species prevention program for a particular waterbody located in Carver County please contact us to discuss options to join our program.

Staff Contact

Andrew Dickhart