Water Management Plan

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About the plan 

The plan guides decisions for managing and restoring lakes, rivers and wetlands within the Carver County Water Management Organization's boundaries. The plan is updated every 10 years. The most recent version was adopted by the Carver County Board on February 4th, 2020. 

The plan is required under MN statute 103B.231 for watershed management organizations in the metropolitan area.  The County assumed control as the WMO authority in 1996 and adopted its first Water Management Plan in 2001.

Download the 2020 Water Management Plan

View this story map to get a summary. Learn about the watershed, what issues our waters face and the different programs designed to protect waters. 


The plan includes the following information.  

  • Goals, polices and activities to protect lakes rivers and wetlands.
  • Watershed information - climate, topography and drainage, geology, land cover, vegetation, land use and growth patterns, and surface water and groundwater systems.
  • Issues that lakes and rivers are facing. 
  • Priority areas the Carver County Water Management Organization is focusing effort. 
  • Program areas: projects, permitting, education, monitoring, planning & research, and administration.
  • Projects list.