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Plans How the County will develop into the future. 2040 Comprehensive Plan, 2020 Water Management Plan, Roadways Systems Plan and more.
2030 Comprehensive Plan A compilation of long-range planning documents for Carver County looking out to the year 2040 and beyond.
Demographics Data, Maps, and Graphs that explain Carver County's population and economy.
Reports Special reports conducted by the County to inform planning initiatives.
Resilient Communities Project A partnership between the University of Minnesota, Carver County, and community partners for the 2015-2016 school year.
Land Management and Zoning Zoning Code, Subdivision Regulations, Floodplain & Shoreland Regulations, Building Regulations (Building Permits), and the Agricultural Preserve Program.
Permits Property permits and applications. 
Planning Commission Agendas and minutes for the Carver County Planning Commission. 
Board of Adjustment Agendas and minutes for the Carver County Board of Adjustment. 
Property Information A one-stop-shop for property owners.