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Special Waste Collections

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Each year, Carver County conducts two Special Waste Collection days where residents can drop-off their special waste items. For more information, contact Environmental Services at (952) 361-1800.

Collection Dates and Locations

Saturday, May 16, 2020-POSTPONED

Central High School (parking lot)
531 Morse Street
Norwood Young America, MN  55368

Enter onto Morse Street from Faxon Road or any street from the 5-way stop.  Due to back-ups, avoid entering Morse Street from Highway 212.

Saturday, September 12, 2020 from 8am to 12pm

Carver County Hollywood Public Works
3480 Co Rd 21
Hollywood Township

Materials Accepted (No Charge)

  • Automotive Products
    • used motor oil, filters & antifreeze
  • Batteries
    • automotive & marine
    • mercuric oxide
    • non-rechargeable (alkaline & button)
    • rechargeable (nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride & lithium ion)
    • silver oxide
    • battery operated devices (electric toothbrush base, etc.)
  • Electronics (excluding TVs & monitors)   
    • CPUs & laptops, printers & scanners, keyboard & mouse, external hard drives
    • VCR, DVD & Blu-ray players, stereo receiver, CD player & speakers, personal audio & video devices
    • cell phones
  • Fluorescent Bulbs (maximum of 25 bulbs recycled per visit)
  • Household Hazardous Waste
    • paint, stain, varnish, stripper, thinner, sealers
    • fertilizers, pesticides, pool chemicals, weed killers
    • aerosol cans, drain cleaner, mercury thermometers & thermostats, nail polish & remover, household cleaners
    • camping fuels, propane tanks, gasoline & other automotive products
  • Scrap Metal (non-metal materials must be removed)

Materials Accepted (for a FEE)

  • Appliances (residential) - $10.00/item
    • refrigerator, stove, microwave, washer, dryer, dishwasher, water softener or heater, dehumidifier, and air conditioner
    • additional fees may apply for gas/ammonia appliances
  • Bicycles - $3.00/item
  • Electronics 
    • Televisions & monitors - $10.00/item
  • Fluorescent Bulbs (business)
    • 4ft & under - $0.40 each
    • greater than 4ft - $0.75 each
    • compact (CFLs) - $0.60 each
    • irregular shape - $1.00 each
    • HID - $2.30/each
    • high pressure HG - $12.00 each
    • broken - $2.14/pound
    • ballasts - $0.99/pound
  • Small Engine Devices - $5.00/item
    • riding & push lawnmowers, weed whips & leaf blowers, snow blowers, generators (drain all fluids)
  • Tires (rims are accepted)
    • car, truck & SUV - $2.00 each
    • semi - $7.50 each
    • tractor (small) front tires - $4.00 each
    • tractor (large) rear tires - $25.00 each

Materials NOT Accepted

  • business hazardous waste
  • construction & demolition debris
  • furniture
  • mattresses & box springs
  • trash/garbage
  • wood

Carver County Businesses

Except for the following materials, businesses are prohibited from participating in the Special Waste Collections.

Fluorescent bulbs will be accepted for $0.50 each. (Limit 50 bulbs per business per event.) Xcel Energy customers may dispose of their first ten fluorescent bulbs for no charge by showing their Xcel Energy statement.

For no charge, small business may also bring antifreeze, auto batteries, up to five oil filters and up to 20 gallons of motor oil. Excess quantities of oil or oil filters will not be accepted. Used motor oil should be contained in sealed 5 gallon or less containers.

Hazardous Waste Generators: Receipts will be provided for reporting. VSQGs are encouraged to bring in the above wastes, but SQGs and LQGs are prohibited from the events without exception.

General Information

Proof of residency, such as a drivers license or utility statement, is required.  Cash or check payment accepted.  NO debit or credit cards will be accepted.

Event will be shut down during inclement weather.