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Rural Recycling Drop-Off Sites

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Carver County operates rural recycling drop-off sites in the cities of Cologne, Mayer and Norwood Young America. All three sites are open to residents and businesses year round. The table below is your guide to the locations, hours and staffing for each site. Brochures specific to each site can be download below. For questions regarding hours or closed days, please ask recycling site staff or call (952) 361-1800.

Cologne Recycling Drop-Off Site

(City Public Works Gated Area)
304 Louis St W
Cologne, MN 55322

1st and 3rd Sat. 8am - 12pm
Mon - Fri 7am - 3:30pm

2020 Closed Days
The site will be closed on all observed holidays.

Mayer Recycling Drop-Off Site

(east of the waste water treatment facility)
15300 County Road 30
Mayer, MN 55360

April - November
Wed. 5pm - 8pm
Sat. 8am - 12pm

December - March
Sat. 8am - 12pm

2020 Closed Days

The site will be closed on all observed holidays.

NYA Recycling Drop-Off Site

(SW corner of Railroad & Reform)
421 W Railroad Street
NYA, MN  55368

April - November
Wed. 11am - 6pm
Sat. 8am - 12pm

December - March
Wed. 11am - 5pm
Sat. 8am - 12pm

2020 Closed Days

The site will be closed on all observed holidays.

Materials Accepted

The list below is your guide to what types of materials are accepted at the Carver County Rural Recycling Drop-off Sites. Materials must be removed from any plastic bags. For questions regarding materials currently accepted or how materials should be sorted, please ask recycling site staff or call (952) 361-1800.

General Recyclables

▶ Fibers (brown grocery bags, beer & soda cases, cake & snack boxes, cardboard [non-waxed], catalogs, cereal boxes, magazines, office/school paper [all colors], junk mail, newspaper & inserts, telephone books and other soft cover books, pizza delivery boxes, broth boxes, drink boxes, juice cartons, milk cartons) (please flatten & breakdown cardboard)

▶ Plastics (berry containers, juice containers, milk jugs, plastic containers #1 & #2, plastics #3-#7 with a screw top, water bottles, yogurt tubs, butter tubs)

▶ Metal & Glass (aluminum cans, empty aerosol cans [non-toxic & no caps], metal household items [cooking pots & pans], steel food cans, tin & other household metals, beer bottles, glass containers that contained food or beverage product, all colored glass [brown, green and clear]

Special Wastes

▶ Used motor oil, oil filters & antifreeze (take containers home & throw in household trash)
▶ Automotive batteries
▶ Scrap metal (metal only, no appliances)

We Do NOT Accept The Following

▶ Aerosol & paint cans
▶ Auto glass
▶ Broken glass
▶ Carpet
▶ Clothes, shoes & household textiles 
▶ Construction & demolition debris
▶ Containers that held hazardous products such as paint thinner containers
▶ Drinking glasses, dishes, Pyrex glass & vases
▶ Electronics & appliances
▶ Extension cords
▶ Feed bags, dog food bags & seed bags fibers
▶ Fluorescent bulbs
▶ Furniture & mattresses
▶ Garden Hoses
▶ Gift wrap
▶ Household garbage
▶ Household hazardous waste
▶ Lawn edging
▶ Medical waste
▶ Motor oil bottles & other containers that held hazardous products
▶ Needles & syringes
▶ Paper plates, cups, napkins & towels
▶ Paper soiled with food
▶ Pizza boxes
▶ Plastic grocery bags, shrink/stretch wrap
▶ Plastic tarps
▶ Porcelain toilets and sinks
▶ Shredded paper
▶ Styrofoam
▶ Tires
▶ Window glass & mirrors