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When it comes time to clean out your household storage, remember the old adage: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Many people throw out items that would be useful to others. This disregard for stuff leaves our garbage cans full and others wanting (or buying) the very things that are being thrown away!

Before you toss the stuff you no longer want, consider reselling it. With the internet, selling your unwanted things is nearly as easy as tossing them. Try online resale sites, or bring your things to local consignment shops. Local consignment options are available for many items, from clothing to sporting equipment. You’ll make money and reduce waste-a win-win!

Some ideas to help you get started!

• Craigslist
• eBay
• Yard/Garage Sale
• Auction
• Classified ads in local newspapers
• Consignment or pawn shop

Some LOCAL resources in Carver County!

Body Expressions Consignment – Chaska