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Fix & Maintain

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Do you have old, broken or worn out shoes, purses, clothing, furniture, sporting equipment, small engine devices or computers just sitting in your home or garage? Rather than throwing these things away, consider repairing, maintaining or repurposing them.

Some ideas to help you get started!

• Have your favorite pair of shoes re-soled or have the heels fixed.
• Sew or patch your clothes, or make something new from them.
• Fix furniture through painting, re-finishing, reupholstering, or repurposing.
• Get zippers on purses fixed or have a repair shop fix up any holes or damaged spots – it’s cheaper than buying new.
• Fix computers that have a virus or a bad hard drive by taking them to a local service shop or retail store.
• Fix small engine devices that run rough or just won’t start by taking them to a local repair service or handyman.
• Keep sporting equipment usable – e.g. get skis tuned-up annually, sharpen blades on ice skates, tune-up bikes, etc.
• Keep small engine devices usable – e.g. change oil regularly, winterize, sharpen blades on lawn mowers, etc.
• Keep computers usable – e.g. update virus software, expand memory and hard drive storage, delete unused files, etc.