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Recycling Grants

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Schools, businesses, and organizations play an important role in helping keep our air, water, and land clean.  A robust recycling program says you mean business when it comes to conserving our natural resources and demonstrating your commitment to sustainability and your community.  And, recycling more may help your bottom line!

We Can Help!

FREE on-site technical assistance
A technical expert will visit your site to help you find ways to reduce your waste, design a new or improved recycling program or get you started with organics recycling.

Labels for your recycling and trash containers
Labels are an essential part of an effective recycling program.  We have access to a variety of sizes and types to fit your needs.

To request free on-site technical assistance, email or call 952-361-1800.

School, Business, and Organization Recycling Grants

Carver County provides grant funding to schools, businesses, and organizations to reduce waste, design a new or improved recycling program, or start organics recycling.  No funding match is required.

Who is eligible?
Schools, businesses, and organizations located in Carver County.

Items covered
- Recycling containers and bins
- Recycling equipment purchases
- Improvements to waste enclosures
- Education materials
- Compostable products
- Organics hauling service charges
- Reusable service ware
- And more!

To apply
Contact Carver County Environmental Services to determine if grant funding is available.

Carver County Environmental Services

If grant funding is available, a Environmental Services staff member will contact you and assist with completing a funding application.  Grant applications will be reviewed and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.  Funding is limited.