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Commercial Organics

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Organics Composting 

Organics composting can handle material you might not think you could compost. It lets you toss all food and paper food service items into a single container. A hauler picks up the waste and delivers it to a composting facility. After about 18 months, food and paper waste has been broken down into compost, an organic material that is put to good use in landscaping, gardening, and many other outdoor projects.

You can compost all food scraps, such as: fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish, bones, rice, beans, pasta, bakery items, cheese, coffee grounds, eggshells and more. In addition, you can also compost all food-soiled paper. Check out this brochure for a list of acceptable items.

Benefiting the Environment & More

Keeping food waste out of your trash benefits more than just the environment. There is the very real advantage to reducing the demand on landfills, of course, but the list of benefits goes on.

Other benefits of organics recycling include:

• You can reduce taxes and fees on waste disposal by reducing trash pick-ups.
• It reflects well on your business, showing customers you care about the community.
• You will help produce a beneficial soil amendment.

We'll Get You Up & Running!

Three good options for recycling food waste and now with one clear place to start, a single phone call to Carver County Environmental Services offers comprehensive technical assistance in getting you started.

Free services available to you include:

• On-site assessments to help determine your best options and necessary start-up steps
• An evaluation of potential costs and savings
• Assistance setting up internal collection programs
• Promotional and educational materials
• Contact information and links to other resources and recyclers
• Follow-up and on-going assistance

Approved Biodegradable Products

The following list includes companies that provide foodservice items, such as plates, cups, bowls, fruit bowls and other items used to serve meals. All are designed to disintegrate and biodegrade quickly and safely, when composted in a professionally managed facility. All approved products meet stringent, scientifically based specifications: ASTM D6400 or ASTM D6868.

Biosphere Industries, LLC
Contact: Elie Helou, Jr.

Genpak LLC
Contact: Jeff Cole

Haulers Offering Organics Recycling in Carver County

Allied Waste Services
Eden Prairie
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(763) 972-3335

(952) 937-8900

Waste Management
Winsted & Burnsville
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