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Minnesota’s recycling programs do an excellent job of keeping waste out of the solid waste disposal system. However, recycling is more than an alternative to waste disposal. It also conserves and reuses resources, creating new businesses in the process.

Annually, Carver County recycles over 45,000 tons, or 50% of its waste. Despite this accomplishment, Carver County could recycle much more!

Christmas Trees

Once the shreds of wrapping paper have been discarded and the left-overs of holiday feasts have been consumed, the focus turns to getting rid of the Christmas tree.

Household Hazardous Waste

Open a cupboard in your kitchen, basement or garage, and read a few product labels. If they contain the words caution, warning, danger or poison, they may contain materials that are hazardous to you and your family!

Oil Recycling Sites

Minnesota State law prohibits the disposal of motor oil, oil filters and antifreeze on land, in the sewer system, or with solid waste. Carver County accepts used motor oil, filters and antifreeze from residents at six permanent drop-off locations as well as two Special Waste Collections.


Organics make up about 25 percent of what we throw away. In organics recycling programs, organic waste is recycled into valuable compost used in landscaping and road construction projects instead of taking up space in a landfill.

Rural Recycling Drop-Off Sites

Carver County operates rural recycling drop-off sites in the cities of Cologne, Mayer and Norwood Young America. The sites are open to residents and businesses year round.

Special Waste Collections

Each year, Carver County conducts two Special Waste Collection days where residents can drop-off their special waste items.

Yard Waste

Placing yard waste in your garbage is illegal in Minnesota. Leaves, grass and plant trimmings, along with some types of food waste, can composted to create a valuable soil additive.