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Organics & Yard Waste

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Organic waste, that has the potential to be composted, accounts for between 27% to 37% of mixed municipal solid waste. Thus, expanding access to composting in Minnesota has the potential of diverting over 1.4 million tons of waste in Minnesota annually.

Backyard Composting

Composting at home is easier than you think and is a great way to reduce the amount you throw away. You also increase your soil quality when you use finished compost.

Christmas Trees

Once the shreds of wrapping paper have been discarded and the left-overs of holiday feasts have been consumed, the focus turns to getting rid of the Christmas tree.

Commercial Organics

As a business operator looking to do more for the environment and your neighbors, the Carver County Organics Recycling program wants you to know there is a way to recycle your food and related wastes.

By helping businesses recycle their organics, Carver County makes it easier for you to reduce your environmental impact.

Food Waste Reduction

Food is the single largest component of trash in Minnesota. Save money and resources by buying only what you need and using what you buy.

Residential Organics

Residents in several cities can add organics collection to their trash collection service. Carver County is working to make organics recycling programs an option for more county residents.

Yard Waste

Placing yard waste in your garbage is illegal in Minnesota. Leaves, grass and plant trimmings, along with some types of food waste, can composted to create a valuable soil additive.