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Open Burning

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Carver County open burning permits are available to all residents living in unincorporated areas (townships) as well as the cities of Carver and Hamburg.

Residents living within the cities of Chanhassen, Chaska, Cologne, Mayer, New Germany, NYA, Victoria, Waconia and Watertown should contact their local authority as these municipalities are excluded from the Carver County Open Burning Permit Program.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Who regulates open burning within Carver County?
The MN Department of Natural Resources has regulations regarding open burning and requiring permits. Carver County has passed an ordinance that incorporates local and state standards. Local municipalities may be more restrictive.

When is an open burning permit needed?
Open burning permits are required year round in Carver County, regardless of snow cover, for all fires except recreational fires under three feet in height and three feet in diameter (certain municipalities may require a permit for recreational fires).

What material can I burn?
The only materials that can be burned are tree debris and other vegetation (except leaves).

No person shall conduct, cause or permit the open burning of any material that was not generated at the site of the open burn. It is acceptable to use material not generated on site for recreational fires, as long as all rules pertaining to transporting tree debris are followed (ie; emerald ash borer).

Permits for all structure fires must be reviewed and approved by the Department of Natural Resources.

Permits for running fires over one (1) acre must be reviewed and approved by the Department of Natural Resources.  Permits for running fires of one (1) acre or less can be obtained online or by contacting Carver County Environmental Services.

How do I obtain an open burning permit?
Open burning permits can be obtained online by visiting the DNR's website or by contacting a local Fire Warden or Carver County Environmental Services. Fire Wardens may only issue permits to residents within their jurisdiction.

How long does an open burning permit last?
Open burning permits will be valid from the time of purchase through the end of the calendar year in which it was purchased.

How much does an open burning permit cost?
A permit fee of $5.00 is collected at the time of applying for a permit on the DNR’s burning permit online service. The burning permit online service fee shall be set by the DNR.

Application and permit fees for permits reviewed or issued by the County shall be set by resolution of the Carver County Board of Commissioners.  The current permit fee is $5.00.

A Fire Warden or other local authority may require application or permit fees for permits issued in their jurisdiction. These fees may be set and amended by resolution by the designated local authority as it deems necessary.

May I burn my garbage?
No. Solid waste generated from homes, businesses or farms may not be burned.  Farm properties are permitted to burn bailing twine and paper feed sacks without plastic liners.

May I burn another person’s waste?
No. Permits may only be issued for materials generated at the property on which the open burn is located. You may not haul waste from another property and burn it on your property.