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Carver County received US Department of Energy, Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant funding for its Energy Conservation Education Campaign

Final Energy Logo   Carver County Conserves is an employee focused campaign to conserve energy! 

Energy is in everything – water, garbage, electricity, gasoline, even products – and it costs a lot!  Conserving energy is important to Carver County. It’s a way to protect natural resources we all need - and to save money!

The Campaign was designed to encourage the establishment of energy conserving habits in Carver County employees by showing them exactly what to do, providing instant progress towards goals through mechanical incentives, social cues through videos starring County employees and measuring progress by comparing pre and post project energy use.  Besides conserving energy, goals include setting an example and establishing awareness about the importance of conserving energy to build upon in the future.

Carver County employees are learning to conserve energy in four ways.  You too can use this information to help reduce waste and conserve energy at your school or workplace!

Click on the links below to view educational videos.



Reduce office paper use



Reduce garbage by increasing recycling and organics composting

photo of recycling

Reduce electricity use for lighting



Reduce electricity use for equipment



Contact: for questions and further information, contact Environmental Services staff.

Links:  Minnesota Department of Commerce, United States Department of Energy