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Needles, Sharps & Syringes

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Needles, Sharps & Syringes

Sharps pose a safety hazard so it is important to dispose of them safely to prevent injury and disease transmission.


Use the following options for safe disposal of sharps: 

Check with your clinic or hospital for collection programs. Do not bring used needles, syringes or lancets to your health care provider if they are unable to accept them.

Destroy your needles at home. Purchase and use destruction devices that bend, break, incinerate (destroy by high heat) or sheer needles. Search the Internet on Needle Destruction Devices or ask your heath care provider or pharmacist for more information.

Disposal at the Carver County Environmental Center

  • Prepare your needles and sharps

• Store in an approved, puncture - resistant, plastic container with a screw -on lid. Only approved sharps containers specifically designed to hold sharps will be accepted.

• Sharps containers are available at clinics, stores, pharmacies, and at the Environmental Center.

• Put used needles into the container point -first. Note: Do not put unused medicines contained in sharps (epi -pens) in your container.

• Only fill your container 3/4 full with needles and sharps.

• Keep the lid closed and secured on the container to prevent spills. 

  • Remember to bring identification Proof of residency, such as a driver’s license, is required.
  • Declare sharps/needles Upon arriving and after showing staff your identification, please let staff know that you have a container of sharps to drop off
  • Dispose of needles and sharps at the Environmental Center Drive up to the checkpoint and staff will bring you to the needles and sharps drop-off area. Your sharps must be in a proper container, and you will be responsible for placing your container into the drop -off bin. 

For more information:

Disposal Options for Medical Sharps & Needles in Carver County

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s Pharmaceutical Waste: Disposing of Unwanted Medications and Safe Disposal Options for Needles and Syringes.