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Industrial Hazardous Waste

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Businesses, nonprofit organizations, and units of government that generate most types of hazardous waste at sites in Minnesota are required to report that waste annually to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) or their metropolitan county, pay a fee, and obtain a license for the subsequent year.

Hazardous waste generators in the metropolitan counties of Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Scott, Ramsey and Washington are licensed by their counties instead of the MPCA. If your site is located within Carver County, contact Mike Mrotz at (952) 361-1809 for your local hazardous waste licensing procedure and requirements.

Who Is A Hazardous Waste Generator?

A hazardous waste generator is any person (business, industry, or service; public or private) who produces a waste which is classified as hazardous.

What Is A Hazardous Waste?

Some examples of materials used which would likely become hazardous waste are parts-cleaners (e.g. Stoddard solvents, mineral spirits), paint thinners and filters, solvents, acids, metal containing solutions and alkaline cleaners. Solids, sludges and slurry mixtures may also require evaluation for hazardous constituents.

Characteristics which make a waste hazardous under the County Ordinance can be found here.

A comprehensive list of hazardous wastes can be found in the MPCA Hazardous Waste Rules Part 7045.0135.

Basic Requirements of a Hazardous Waste Generator

Requirements for management of hazardous waste include projection and reporting of waste volumes, storage in appropriate containers to which are attached hazardous waste labels, and selection of a licensed transporter and permitted disposal or treatment facility. Manifests must accompany all shipments of hazardous waste. Requirements may also include emergency planning and response and personnel training.

Complete MPCA & Carver County regulations, regarding hazardous waste management, are available below.

For publications regarding waste for businesses, please visit the MPCA or MnTAP websites.

License Applications, Disposal Contractors, Etc.

Carver County Hazardous Waste Generator Application
Hazardous Waste Generator License Application/Instructions
Is a Hazardous Waste ID Number Required?
Instructions on How to Obtain a Hazardous Waste ID Number
Personnel Training Record for Hazardous Waste Management
Telephone Posting for Hazardous Materials Emergency Response
Weekly Inspection Log
Hazardous Waste Management Ordinance
VSQG Program
Hazardous Waste Management Phone Numbers

Moving? Changing Name or Generator Size? Closing?

Notification of Regulated Waste Activity e-Service Instructions (PDF) Instructions to update or inactivate existing EPA ID number

If your business is moving, changing names, or changing generator size, please contact Mike Mrotz at (952) 361-1809 to schedule a facility closure inspection.

Health Care Industry

Health care providers are subject to federal, state, and sometimes county hazardous waste regulations because they generate waste that, if mismanaged, can harm human health and the environment. The requirements of these regulations include, but are not limited to:

Evaluate all waste to determine whether it is hazardous; assume that all waste that has not been evaluated is hazardous,
Store hazardous waste in closed and labeled containers,
Transport hazardous waste using only licensed hazardous waste haulers, except for very small quantity generators transporting their own waste to approved collection programs,
Discharge appropriate hazardous waste to the sanitary sewer (not septic systems) only after prior notice to the local wastewater treatment authority.

For further assistance and information regarding healthcare, please visit MnTAP’s website.

Very Small Quantity Generator (VSQG) Program

The Very Small Quantity Generator (VSQG) program helps businesses who produce small amounts—less than 220 lbs or about 22 gallons per month—of hazardous wastes such as batteries, solvents, paints, used oil and fuels meet State and County disposal requirements.

Did you know? More than 90 percent of businesses qualify as a VSQG!

If you’d like to participate in the VSQG program, review and complete the VSQG Program application and submit it to Carver County. You must also notify the MPCA of your waste activity (Notification of Regulated Waste Activity e-Service Instructions). Once a completed application is received, Carver County will call to schedule an appointment to drop off your waste at the Carver County Environmental Center.

Please note – Carver County accepts hazardous waste from VSQGs by appointment only. Businesses who show up to the Environmental Center without an appointment will be turned away.

For more information on the Carver County VSQG Program, please contact Dustin Heidinger at (952) 361-1836.

FREE Generator Training Opportunity

Carver County Hazardous Waste Generators have an opportunity to attend one day training sessions (“The Five Steps To Compliance”) throughout the year with Hennepin County generators. To find locations and times please click HERE. The link will direct you to the Hennepin County registration site. Please follow the instructions to register.