FAQs - Tax Forfeiture

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  • Whose name can appear on the deed?

  • Can I purchase land for someone else?

  • Who IS NOT ELIGIBLE to bid & purchase tax-forfeited land?

  • Does the purchase price affect the taxable market value of the tax forfeited property?

  • Do I have to pay the delinquent taxes of the property I purchase at the Tax Forfeited Land Sale?

  • Can I build on the property?

  • Can I get a refund on my purchase?

  • Am I guaranteed clear title to my property?

  • Will I receive a Property Tax Statement?

  • Can the special assessment on the property be reapplied?

  • When will I receive my State Deed?

  • If I purchase more than one parcel of land, do I have to fill out a separate State Deed information form for each parcel?

  • Do I have to write a separate check for each parcel purchased?