Property Taxation

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2017 Property Tax Statements for Real Estate and Mobile Homes were mailed on March 30th.  Printable copies of the 2017 tax statements are available online.

The Taxpayer Services Department administers many aspects of the property taxation process. This involves calculation of adjustments to the tax base for tax increment and fiscal disparities; gathering levy information from each taxing authority; calculating tax rates (proposed and final) for each taxing district; coordination of the schedule of proposed taxation meetings; preparation of proposed tax notices; and calculation and preparation of final tax statements.

The Taxpayer Services Department calculates abatements or additions to the tax roll; settlement of tax dollars to the individual taxing authorities; calculates and administers the delinquent tax forfeiture process and distributes proceeds of sale; processes all taxpayer name/address changes; and maintains special assessments certified by townships and cities for collection purposes.

The Taxpayer Services Department also administers the ditch assessments for the county. This process involves the coordination of hearings regarding ditch clean-outs and the subsequent assessments for maintenance fees for each property affected.

The Taxpayer Services Department is responsible for maintaining the property tax files, which are used to generate the tax and assessment rolls. It processes all legal instruments that convey land, such as warranty deeds, quit claim deeds, and plats. This office also handles land combinations; name/address changes; splits to property and the vacation of roads and land; and annexations. The division also calculates and collects state deed tax, mortgage registration tax and reviews all certificates of real estate value.