2019 property tax statements for real estate and mobile homes were mailed on March 22nd.  Printable copies of tax statements, valuation notices and proposed notices are now available online.

The Property Tax, Elections and License Center Department administers many aspects of the property taxation process. This involves calculation of adjustments to the tax base for tax increment and fiscal disparities; gathering levy information from each taxing authority; calculating tax rates (proposed and final) for each taxing district; coordination of the schedule of proposed taxation meetings; preparation of proposed tax notices; and calculation and preparation of final tax statements.

The Department calculates abatements or additions to the tax roll; settlement of tax dollars to the individual taxing authorities; processes all taxpayer name/address changes; and maintains special assessments certified by townships and cities for collection purposes.

For Taxing Authorities see Taxing Authorities in Carver County.

For Tax Statistics see Tax Stats.