Would you like a reminder two weeks prior to your tax deadline?  E-mail alerts and wireless alerts (text messages) are now available!

To sign up for an E-mail alert: please choose the type of property you own by clicking on one of the following links:

To sign up for Wireless alerts:  

1. Access our Quick Subscribe link for a list of all the items available through our subscription service, including the tax payment notices shown at the bottom of the list.

2. Click on the "Wireless Alerts" link to view the e-mail suffix for each wireless carrier (e.g., if your Verizon cell number is (612) 555-1212, the text address you should enter here is

If you already have a subscription account for other Carver County items and would like to amend it to include wireless alerts, please visit your Subscriber Preferences link and enter the appropriate cell phone e-mail address in "Secondary E-mail Address" along with clicking "Wireless Alerts preferred."  Although this service is provided free of charge, your wireless carrier may charge a fee for text messaging.  It is recommended that you check with your carrier to verify any fees that may apply.

Important Notes regarding Property Tax Payment Reminders:

  • If your phone number or email address changes, be sure to update your subscription account with Carver County.
  • Per Minnesota Statute a penalty will be charged for any late payment received.
  • Payment methods.
  • Penalty schedule for late tax payments.
  • Pay your current year property taxes online.
    (The online payment feature is only available for a current year tax payment.
    Note: Penalty on late tax payments accrues monthly. Delinquent payments cannot be paid online.
  • Taxpayers are responsible for remitting property tax payments on time regardless of receipt of this reminder.