Manufactured Home Taxes

The tax statements for manufactured homes are mailed once a year to the taxpayer around the end of March. Statutory deadline for mailing is July 15th of each year. The first half is due by August 31st and the second half is due by November 15th.  If the entire amount due is $50 or less the total amount will be due on August 31st. The tax statement is mailed to the person that was the title holder on January 2nd of the year the taxes are due, they are the liable party for the entire tax year. 

You can obtain tax payment information from our website by searching the Property Tax Records. Enter the parcel number or address information and wait for the tax information to appear. If you enter an address, several parcels may appear. Select the desired parcel and wait for the tax information to appear. You can obtain a copy of the tax statement on this page or for a fee by calling us at (952) 361-1910.

If you sell a manufactured home and transfer title to the new owner, you need to bring us proof of the transfer. If not, Carver County will assume you are still the owner. Tax statements will continue to be issued in your name.  Any delinquent taxes will be submitted for collection under your name to the Minnesota Department of Revenue Recapture Unit.  The amount owing will become tax liens and could be deducted from any State of Minnesota refunds or lottery winnings you may have coming. Please provide Carver County with a copy of the current title so we can make sure our records are correct.

Selling a Manufactured Home and Transferring Title

When selling your manufactured home you must transfer title to the new owner. The following is a list of requirements for transferring title:

  • All taxes must be paid in full including the current year.
  • A certified letter from the Property Tax Department stating the taxes are paid.  There is a charge for this letter.
  • Current certificate of title with any required lien releases.

These items must be taken to the Minnesota Department of Motor Vehicle Office. When accessing the DVS website, click on "Locations" to find the location nearest you.  Once the new title is issued, the new owner must bring it to the Carver County Property Tax Department to change ownership on the county records. You will also need to present it to the Property Assessment Department for homesteading purposes.

Moving a Manufactured Home

If you are planning to move a manufactured home, whether it is by a professional mover or by yourself, you must have a certified letter signed by the Carver County Property Tax Department stating there are no current year or delinquent taxes owing on the manufactured home. There is a charge for this letter.

Questions Regarding a Manufactured Home

For tax questions, please contact the Carver County Property Tax Department at (952) 361-1910.

For questions regarding market value or classification, please contact the Carver County Property Assessment office at (952) 361-1960.

For title transfer questions, please contact the Chaska License Center at (952) 361-1900 or Chanhassen Service Center at (952) 361-3900.