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Keith R. Kern, County Assessor

600 East 4th Street, Chaska, Minnesota 55318
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Property Assessment

The Carver County Assessor's Office determines the value of approximately 42,000 parcels in the county. 

The Carver County Assessor's Office is responsible for establishing the market value and determining classification (use) of property located within Carver County.  Each property's share of taxes is determined according to its value, use, and the property tax levies.

In Minnesota, property taxes provide most of the funding for local government services.  Carver County collects the taxes and distributes the money between the county, cities, townships, school districts and special districts such as the Metropolitan Council, Southwest Metro Transit, Water Maintenance Organizations and the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District. 

Minnesota state law requires that assessors view each parcel of real estate at least once every five years to appraise its market value. Property values, which include the land and buildings, change continuously with changing market conditions and changes in physical attributes.  Many factors are considered in estimating the market value of property.  Assessors determine the classification or use of each property.   For instance, property may be residential homestead (owner-occupied), residential non-homestead, agricultural or commercial. The various classifications are taxed at different percentages or rates according to Minnesota Statutes.

Valuations follow the standards established by the Minnesota Department of Revenue, State Board of Assessors, and State Statutes.  Assessors study construction, sales data, and neighborhood trends to establish valuation standards in their appraisal work.  

Market values are determined every Jan. 2.

Appraiser credentials

The Carver County Property Assessment Department offers assessing services, via contract, to all districts of the county.   Appraisers employed by the Assessor’s Office are professionals, with stringent training and experience requirements set by the State Board of Assessors. The Minnesota State Board of Assessors governs and administers licensure of appraisers. Carver County requires additional training and encourages continuous education in the areas of management, organization and customer service.


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