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Carver County Public Health offers a variety of health promotion posters. Select the posters you would like by clicking on the pictures below. The posters are free to download and print, for use at your organization. For more information, please call (952) 361-1329. To jump directly to a specific topic, please choose from the following:

Cover Your Cough          Hand Washing          Stay Home When Sick          Seasonal Flu

Cover Your Cough

Cover Your Cough - Generic - Thumbnail Cover Your Cough - Healthcare - Thumbnail Cover Your Cough - Generic - Spanish - Thumbnail Cover Your Cough - Healthcare - Spanish - Thumbnail


Health Care  Generic (Española)  Health Care (Española) 
Protect Yourself - Thumbnail      



Hand Washing

After You Pet Them Wash Them


Be a Germ Buster

How Do Diseases Spread Have Fun and Stay Healthy on the Farm
Animals     General   Animal    


Don't Forget to Wash  Languages Prevent Disease Faucet  Stay Healthy Around Animals
General  General Animal   Animal

Stay Home When Sick

 Help Protect Our Patients

 Help Protect Our Residents

 Help Protect Your CoWorkers

Notice to All Patients





 When Your Child is Ill - December 2017 When Your Child is Ill - Spanish  When Your Child is Ill - Somali   

Child Care or School

 Child Care or School
Child Care or School

Seasonal Flu

   Fight the Flu Poster    Fight the Flu Poster - Spanish  

 Fight the Flu


 Fight the Flu - Española

 Fight the Flu Bookmark  Pregnancy Flu Poster
Fight the Flu Bookmark - 4/Page  Pregnancy 

Family Tree Flu Poster - Full Color   Family Tree Flu Poster - White Background Spread fun. Not flu. 8.5w x 11h   Spread fun. Not flu. Child Poster - 8.5w x 11h



Child Care