Data and Reports

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Community Health Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plan

The Carver County Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) is a long-term, strategic planning tool for improving the health of Carver County. The CHIP is created based on a Community Health Assessment (CHA) that is completed at least every 5 years. The purpose of the CHA is to learn about the health of our community and identify areas for improvement. More information is available on the CHA and CHIP pages.

Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a mapping technology that has intelligent data behind features (roads, parcels, crime incidents, buildings) on a map. GIS applications allow user to interact with the map and data through tools that are developed to analyze the geographic information.  For example, GIS can be used to discover information about a property (parcel), including geographic location, ownership, taxes, market values, soils, topography (elevation), land classification, wetlands, watershed, crime density, address, school district, etc.

Carver County GIS provides mapping applications for the public to interact with data being maintained by various County divisions. Please visit the GIS home page for more information about Carver County GIS.

Minnesota Student Survey

The Minnesota Student Survey is conducted every three years among populations of students in Minnesota public schools. The survey asks young people about their activities, opinions, behaviors and experiences. Visit the Minnesota Department of Education website to learn more about the Minnesota Student Survey. If you would like to review Minnesota Student Survey results for Carver County students, download the Carver County tables from the Minnesota Department of Health website.