Carver County SHIP Activities

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The Carver County Public Health Department, in collaboration with its Community Leadership Team and partners, are implementing the following interventions in Carver County:


Implement policies and practices to support healthy foods at school and an active school day. Activities include:  healthy lunch and snacks, including classroom celebrations, a la carte, vending and concessions; Farm-to-School initiatives; quality physical education; active classrooms and recess.


Implement a comprehensive employee wellness initiative that includes an assessment, organizational structure, and physical environment that supports healthy eating, physical activity, tobacco cessation, and breastfeeding. Activities may include access to healthy foods and opportunities for physical activity at the worksite, tobacco cessation support, or private breastfeeding room.


Foster a wide-array of partnerships to implement policies and practices that provide opportunities for active living, healthy food choices, smoke-free living, and healthy child care environments. Activities may include community agriculture projects, education about the benefits of smoke-free policies in multi-unit housing, and child care trainings related to healthy eating, physical activity, and breastfeeding support.

Health Care

Enhance collaboration among health care and community-based organizations to facilitate active referral of patients to local resources; increase use of chronic disease self-management programs; encourage use of tobacco cessation quit lines; increase use of quality improvement processes, and build Accountable Communities for Health.

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