Donation Information


Carver County Foster Care is grateful for all those interested in donating items to support foster parents and the children coming into foster care. Having items to help provide comfort and to ease a difficult transition makes an important and positive impact on the families that we serve.

As you consider donating items, there are a couple important considerations that you should be aware of:

  • Our department has limited space to store donated items.  For this reason we would ask you to contact us first. Please reach out to Clint Mack, Child and Family Supervisor at or 952-361-1654 to coordinate any donation.
  • Any donations accepted on behalf of Carver County must be in accordance with the Carver County Donations Policy. This includes getting approval by Carver County Board to accept certain donations. This process can take about a month depending on the County Board meeting schedule.  

Many youth are looking for school or club projects to support foster children or the child welfare system. Instead of looking to donate items to Carver County, some alternative options include:  

  • Helping recruit additional foster parents. Carver County is always looking to recruit additional foster parents. Projects based on engaging the community on the need for foster parents and the steps to become a foster parent would be beneficial. 

Additional foster parents allow for better matches between families and the children placed in their care. They also help to provide necessary breaks for foster parents.  Carver County Foster Care can provide information and/or flyers as necessary to meet a project needs.

  • Support MN Family Initiative. Carver County Foster Care has developed a partnership with Minnesota Family Initiative. MN Family Initiative has been developed with a mission "To encourage and empower foster families and foster children by providing them with the clothing, essential items, and essential services they need to thrive." You can find out more information about MN Family Initiative on their website:
  • Donate to another local agency that supports families in Carver County. There are a number of local non-profit organizations that may be in need of certain items to support families. Food Shelves, local churches, as well as Love Inc. & CAP Agency are good options.

If you still would like to donate items directly to Carver County Foster Care please consider donating items that do not take up much storage. These items may include thank you cards for foster parents, thinking of you cards for children/youth or gift cards/certificates.