Crisis Services

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Mental Health Crisis Program Services:

The Mental Health Crisis Program provides crisis services 24/7 to Carver County. The Crisis Team includes Carver County-employed licensed mental health professionals. Interventions and/or consultation are provided by phone, or face-to-face in multiple settings in the community.

Services include: telephone consultation/crisis intervention, diagnostic assessments, evaluation of risk to self or others, intervention with severe parent/child conflicts, therapeutic interventions, consultation to community providers, disposition planning, coordination of out of home placements including psychiatric hospitalization if necessary and the coordination of crisis intake appointments, referral and follow-up services. 

Services are available to anyone in Carver County. Services are billed to insurance if client has insurance but are otherwise free of charge.

Call (952) 442-7601 to access Crisis Services

Telephone Crisis Intervention and Triage

  • 24/7 immediate and direct access to a member of the Carver County Crisis program.
  • Intervention and assessment of the level of risk to self or others; triage for a mobile response if appropriate.
  • Telephone consultation to professionals or community members.
  • Safety welfare and support calls as requested by providers.
  • Telephone follow-up/support calls to all clients assessed by the crisis team.

Mobile Crisis Assessment and Intervention

  • Mobile response provided in a community location that is safe and appropriate.
  • Mental Health diagnostic assessment and brief crisis focused psychotherapy, intervention and de-escalation.
  • Initial crisis treatment plan including access to rapid appointments if appropriate.
  • Coordination of immediate disposition as indicated including residential stabilization facilities, sub-acute treatment and access to direct admissions to inpatient psychiatric units.

Stabilization Services

Health Care Navigation (HCN)