Preparing Carver County for a Public Health Emergency

A public health emergency is anything that causes, or could cause, injuries or illness to a large number of people. Public health emergencies include:

  • Infectious disease outbreaks
  • Health-endangering effects of severe weather, natural disasters, or power outages
  • Incidents resulting in mass casualties
  • Toxic chemical or radiological releases
  • Acts of bioterrorism

The Carver County Public Health Preparedness Program works to prepare for emergencies caused by bioterrorism, infectious disease, and other public health threats through the development and exercise of comprehensive public health emergency preparedness and response plans.

Our goal is to provide a coordinated response along with emergency responders and partner health agencies to meet the public health needs of our residents in the event of such disaster. During an event, the Department of Public Health will conduct disease surveillance, provide emergency health information, health precautions, health education, and links to additional public health resources.

If you are interested in volunteering or receiving resources on Emergency Preparedness for you, your family, or your business, please contact us at (952) 361-1329 or


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