Welcome to the Foster Parent Support Group page.

The hope of the support group is to have foster parents get together to discuss things that are important to them. It is also a time for foster parents to network with one another and pick training topics that interests the group. At the end of every meeting the group decides the topics for the next month. 

Rules of the group:

Make sure everyone has the opportunity to talk.

Listen generously

Maintain confidentiality- Don’t talk about what people have said at the meeting

Let people speak from their heart without judgment.

Topics remain focused on foster care and training

Phone are off or silenced

Create and atmosphere of encouragement and respect

Brainstorm instead of judge 

Common topics discussed during a meeting

  • Check-in (people add anything they want/need to talk about)
  • Discuss what needs to be logged/documented, maybe see some examples (placement log, training log, injury log, journal of what is said, so on)
  • Pre-placement questions to ask or what I absolutely need to know about the kids placed with me
  • What info does a respite provider need to know about the kids