Adult Family Foster Care

Adult Foster Care is a placement alternative for adults unable to live alone, but who do not need an institutional setting. Adult Foster Care provides a family setting for individuals who can live in the community.

Who Needs Care?

Adults with who are elderly, have developmental disabilities, or have a mental illness live in Adult Foster Care homes. People may range in age from 18 to 102. Many of these individuals attends school, day programs, or hold jobs.

How Long Is Care Needed?

Some adults need long-term care and could be members of your family for many years. Other adults need short-term care until they complete high school and/or learn the skills they need to live independently. Elderly persons may live in Adult Foster Care homes until their health requires total nursing care.

What Responsibilities Do Adult Foster Care Providers Have?

Adult Foster Care providers share a positive family atmosphere and the care, supervision, and understanding the adult needs. They provide meals, facilities for laundry, a private room (unless the adult agrees to share), guidance and assistance with money management, medications, transportation, community access, and other services as appropriate for the individual.

Reasons For Placement:

To provide a transitional step between independent living and institutional care within the community. The common goal for all adults living in Adult Foster Care homes is their desire to remain in the community and live purposeful lives.