Children's Mental Health

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Child and Family social workers provide eligibility assessments for mental health services (including chemical dependency assessment and treatment) for minors up to age 18 who have been referred by a community professional. Mental health services are also offered to students through the department's School-Linked Mental Health Unit.

Community professionals can refer minors by discussing the proposed referral with the child’s parent(s), obtaining a signed consent for the release of information, and calling Intake at (952) 361-1600 with information about the needs of the child and family. More timely services can be provided when diagnostic information is shared with the Intake social worker. Additional information on how to Refer a Child for Children’s Mental Health Services in outlined in Minnesota Statute sections 245.487 to 245.4888.

Parents can obtain information on children's mental health case management services by contacting the Home and Community-Based Care Department at (952) 361-1999. The department also provides services for children with developmental disabilities and autism.

Behavioral Health’s Outpatient Therapy provides mental health services to children, adolescents, and adults. Call (952) 442-4437 to make an appointment.