Mental Health Consortium

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A Community Response to Increase Awareness of Mental Health Services
and Suicide Prevention Resources




The mission of the Mental Health Consortium of Carver County (MHCCC) is to create sustainable community partnerships that are pro-active in promoting mental health awareness and education in Carver County. 

The Vision of the Mental Health Consortium of Carver County (MHCCC) is to create community partnerships among private and public agencies, consumers, and community members to promote mental health as a critical component of overall wellness through:

    1. Education
    2. Early identification and intervention
    3. Awareness of crisis and treatment services
    4. Reduce stigma surrounding mental health
    5. Accessing resources at the State and Federal level.

The Need

  • Local schools have been directly impacted by suicides.
  • Mental Health resources are available but not publicized widely.
  • Community is asking Mental Health service providers and law enforcement for more information on mental health and suicide prevention.

Consortium Goals

  • Develop a communications infrastructure.
  • Sponsor quarterly community educational forums.
  • Serve as an advisory body on best practices.
  • Sponsor the development of Critical Incident Intervention Teams.
  • Vetting financial resources to support vision.

If you're interested in the consortium please call 952-442-3091.