When To Call Crisis

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When to Call Crisis

Examples of situations when the Crisis Team should be called:

  • Any person is expressing thoughts of suicide, self or other harm, symptoms of depression, anxiety, or psychosis. 
  • A child or adult is in need of a psychiatric evaluation and/or possible hospitalization.  Coordination of a psychiatric hospitalization.
  • Disruptive or out-of-control behavior of an adult or child.
  • Foster parents in need of support or consultation.
  • Support calls and preventive services for clients identified as having Serious Persistent Mental Illness (SPMI) or Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED).
  • Domestic or sexual assault issues if a client is refusing a referral to  the Carver/Scott Sexual Violence Center or Southern Valley Alliance or if the client needs additional crisis intervention.
  • General Mental Health or Behavioral Health questions as well as referrals.
  • Mobile crisis response is provided when an initial telephone screening suggests that a person may be experiencing a "mental health crisis" or "mental health emergency." These two terms are defined in state law (Minnesota Statutes 2004, 256B.0944):

A "mental health crisis" is defined as "a person's behavioral, emotional, or psychiatric situation  that, but for the provision of crisis response services to the person, would likely result in significantly reduced levels of functioning in primary activities of daily living, an emergency situation, or the person's placement in a more restrictive setting, including, but not limited to, inpatient hospitalization."

A "mental health emergency" is defined as "a person’s behavioral, emotional, or psychiatric situation that causes an immediate need for mental health services" and is consistent with a statute governing access to "emergency services."

When in doubt, or if you need consultation, call (952) 442-7601.

If you are in a medical emergency or if you or someone you know is actively trying to hurt themselves or others (imminent harm) please contact 911.