Hiring Process

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Recruitment, selection and advancement of employees shall be based on job related factors such as relative education, experience, ability, knowledge and skill.

An applicant for a vacancy shall complete an employment application form and other required documents to provide information describing their skills, education, experience, licenses, etc.

Employee Relations receives and tracks employment applications. Incomplete or illegible applications may be considered not meeting the minimum qualifications.

Misrepresentation or falsification of information or material omissions may result in rejection of current applications submitted or subsequent discipline up to and including dismissal from employment if discovered at a later date. Falsification or omission may also result in materials not being accepted for future opportunities.

The appointing authority in conjunction with Employee Relations designs a selection process which includes, at a minimum, an objective screening tool to evaluate applications for job-related experience and training. The scores on the screening tool are used to determine which applicants will move forward in the selection process. The selection process may include competitive examinations, experience and training ratings, physical abilities assessments, oral interviews, and/or other valid selection techniques.

Based on the applicant scores on the final element of the selection process (interviews, tests, etc.), the appointing authority may select any one of the top three candidates for the position without any further justification for that selection.

The Employee Relations Division or the hiring supervisor shall check a minimum of two (2) employment references on the selected candidate. For certain positions, the County may also require a background check including criminal history, credit checks, driver's license checks, license and academic verifications. Some positions also require Minn. Stat. 604.20 verification forms.

If we discover that an applicant has submitted two or more applications for the same position we will use the most current application that was submitted and received.

If you require special accommodations to participate in the hiring process contact us at (952) 361-1525.

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