Sentence to Service (STS)

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Sentence to Service (STS) is an opportunity for clients to repair their harms through the act of service to the community.  STS is typically part of a criminal or delinquency sentence/disposition when the Court finds it appropriate. The STS crew works on projects in the community, including but not limited to manual labor, repairs, and clean-up. Juvenile and adult crews do not work together. 

Brad Strobel is the Sentence To Service Crew Leader for Carver County Court Services and the Department of Corrections, supervising the adult and juvenile STS crews. The monthly calendar of available dates is found in the link at the bottom of this page. 

If you are an adult sentenced to STS, please contact Brad to schedule your STS days. 

If you are a juvenile or your child has been ordered to complete STS days, your child will be scheduled automatically for STS on select non-school days. You will receive a letter in the mail indicating which days are scheduled, and will receive a reminder call.


If you have any questions about your STS days or the schedule, contact Brad Strobel at his office (952) 361-1472 or his cell (612) 756-0757.

August 2019 STS Calendar 

September 2019 STS Calendar