Juvenile Division

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Carver County Court Services provides probation supervision for youth ages 10-19 and extended jurisdiction juvenile supervision up to age 21. While the justice system still provides punitive measures, the juvenile justice system aims to promote the rehabilitation and safety of youth. Court Services supervises all levels of offenses a youth may commit; Petty Misdemeanors, Misdemeanors, Gross Misdemeanors, and Felonies. The Department of Court Services has four agents who work with medium-high risk youth caseloads and one agent who supervises low risk and administrative probation youth. The probation agents have further duties and involvements in their individual areas of expertise, including gender specific supervision, trauma-informed supervision, motivational interviewing, youth engagement, restorative justice, and cognitive skills programming. 

Because all youth have complex needs and varying situations, probation supervision is tailored for individual risk reduction. This means that efforts and intervention in supervision, coupled with the enforcement of the Court’s orders aims to reduce the youth’s risk of re-appearing in the justice system. Common areas explored in juvenile probation supervision include substance use, mental health concerns, family dynamics, youth free time, peer relationships, education, and thinking patterns. Probation agents draw from the many strengths each youth possesses to create case plans to reduce risk in these areas.

The Carver County Court Services Juvenile Division recognizes that the public and families are safer when youth reduce their risk of delinquent behavior, recognize their own strength and resilience to impact their outcomes, and are empowered to connect and live well.

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