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Carver County Court Services Employee Contact Information

Office Phone:  952-361-1460

Office Fax:  952-361-1380

Name Job Title Email Address
 Jill Arbeiter  Adult Agent
 Carter Bouavichith  Adult Agent
 Mitchell Dickison  Jail Re-entry Coordinator
 Talli Dorf  Juvenile Agent
 Leah Fleming  Juvenile Agent
 Judy Fullerton  Juvenile Support
 Rory Hoese  Adult Support
 Kristi Holcomb  Supervisor
 Ryan Jaehnert  Juvenile Agent
 Lindsay Jayawardena  Juvenile Agent
 Eric Johnson  Director
 Renee Kleber  Adult Agent
 Nikki Kuettel  Office Manager
 Scott Lorenz  Adult Agent
 Daniel Muggli  Adult Agent
 Jackie Nichols  Juvenile Agent
 Jennie Pinnow  Veterans Court Coordinator
 Stephanie Ponath  Adult Agent
 Kelly Schultz  STS Crew Leader 
 Jon Vavruska  Treatment Court Coordinator