Adult Division

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The Carver County Court Services Adult Division supervises adults, typically for 1-4 years, who have been sentenced to probation supervision for Misdemeanor and/or Gross Misdemeanor offenses. Pre-trial supervision services are also a function of the adult division. Probation is an alternative to incarceration which allows those under supervision to remain in the community while following the orders of the Court as it relates to their rehabilitation and public safety. While on probation, clients are expected to complete their court-ordered conditions and remain law-abiding.  

Court Services has six adult agents who have varied duties and who work with adults at different levels of probation supervision. The level of probation supervision is determined by the current offense as well as an assessment identifying risks and needs of the individual. Case plans that focus on the individual's strengths and needs are developed to facilitate client success while under supervision. Common areas of intervention involve but are not limited to substance use, mental health concerns, violence/aggression, peer/family relationships, and thinking patterns. Regardless of the level of supervision, there are consequences for non-compliance with court-ordered conditions and failure to follow rules of probation. In order to influence change in clients and enforce court conditions, adult division agents are in partnership with many local agencies. 

The Carver County Court Services Adult Division recognizes public safety is served when clients are held accountable for their offenses and provided interventions to support their needs and enhance their strengths. 

The Department of Corrections in Chaska, MN, supervises the adult felony-level offenses in Carver County. To contact their office, call (952) 346-4880.

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