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Established in 1965, the Carver County Sheriff's Office Mounted Posse is a volunteer organization of approximately 30 persons that assist the Sheriff's Office with security and crowd control, search and rescue operations, community relations and outreach activities. Other activities have included: security at the Carver County Fair, Stiftungsfest, Winstock and Screamtown; park patrol at county parks; patrol at various community events, National Night Out; concerts; participation in parades; and assistance with search and rescue efforts.  


The Carver County Sheriff's Office Mounted Posse is now accepting applications

Please complete the Carver County Sheriff's Office (CCSO) application AND the Carver County application to be considered. Mail both to: Lieutenant of Support Services, 606 East Fourth Street, Chaska, MN 55318-2102.

If the applicant meets the minimum requirements (listed below), the applicant will be contacted for an interview. Upon successful completion of the interview, the applicant will be given a background packet to complete and return to the Sheriff's Office. During this time, current mounted posse members will schedule a site visit to observe the applicant and their horse. With successful completion of the background and site visit, the applicant will be asked to schedule a health assessment exam with the county's selected medical provider. With successful passing of the exam, the applicant will receive notification of the acceptance to the mounted posse. Those who are interested are encouraged to attend the mounted posse monthly meetings. Please contact the Lieutenant of Support Services at (952) 361-1212 if you have further questions.


  • 21 years of age
  • A valid driver's license
  • Have the use of a horse of 5 years of age or more (no stallions)
  • The ability to transport their horse
  • No requirement that they live in carver county, but must be able to respond within 30 minutes
  • Successful completion of background and health assessment
  • Approved site visit
  • Ability to volunteer their time to the mounted posse

Members and their horses must pass "Sensory Training" each spring. The training involves an obstacle course that exposes the horse and rider to many situations that are normally frightening to horses, such as gun firing, pulling an injured person on a sled, going over bridges, water obstacles, etc. The horses and riders must also pass an equitation test, which involves basic maneuvers on horseback, such as walking, trotting and cantering at a controlled pace, taking the correct lead at a canter, side passing in both directions, turning on the forehand and turning on the haunches.

In addition to Sensory Training, Posse members attend multiple training sessions throughout the year, both mounted and unmounted.  Some examples are police radio training, CPR and first aid, and risk management. 

Mounted Posse Brochure

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