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The Training Unit provides a variety of POST certified law enforcement training for the Office.  Types of training include use of force, first aid, firearms and emergency vehicle operations.  The training unit assists in preparing our officers to respond to incidents that may involve: weapons of mass destruction, HazMat and blood borne pathogens.  All licensed officers are required to complete at least 48 credits of continuing education every three years to keep their license active.

The Carver County Sheriff's Office utilizes current staff to instruct many of our classes: range/firearms instructors, use of force/defensive tactics instructors, Taser instructors, interpersonal communications skills instructors, among many others. Instructors are chosen through our employee growth and development program.

The Carver County Sheriff's Office also trains annually with scenario based training.  Scenario based training develops and expands the employees decision making and judgment skills.  During scenario based training, the employee is introduced into a realistic scenario. The employee reacts according to the actions of the role player and the event occurring. The actions are then discussed and critiqued with the employee.