Park Patrol

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The Carver County Sheriff's Office utilizes licensed deputies, community service officers (CSO) and volunteers to patrol the parks within the county. When visiting any of the parks in the county, visitors should keep the following rules in mind:

  • Parking is limited to designated areas. Owners of boats and trailers need to be especially cognizant of posted parking regulations.
  • Littering will not be tolerated. (Littering is a misdemeanor in the state of Minnesota)
  • Dog owners should be aware
    • Dogs must be on a leash and under the owner's control
    • Barking dogs need to be removed so as not to create a nuisance
    • Dog waste must be cleaned up
  • For a complete listing of county park ordinances, please see Chapter 91 of the County Ordinances.

Carver County Parks

For a list of entrance, shelter, camping and rental fees, please see county park fees.

For more information on the Carver County park system, please visit the county park homepage.