Civil Process

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The Civil Process Unit is comprised of a licensed sergeant, licensed deputies, and a civil process assistant. The Civil Process Unit is responsible for the service of papers, conducts Sheriff's sales, mortgage foreclosure sales, writs of execution, evictions and postings.

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Important Information for Bidders / Buyers at Sheriff's sales

Mortgage foreclosures are either handled by action or by advertisement.  In either case, the upcoming sale is published in a local newspaper and the sheriff conducts the sale. 

Oftentimes the sheriff is not involved in the foreclosure process until the day of the scheduled sale.  For this reason, we may not have information available if you call.  Any questions regarding a sale should be directed to the attorney preparing the sale.  Their telephone number is usually published with the Notice of Sale in the newspaper. 

Oftentimes mortgage foreclosures published in newspapers end up being cancelled before the date of sale.  The sheriff has no advance knowledge of whether or not a sale will actually be conducted after it is scheduled.  Interested bidders should contact the law firm representing the mortgagee for this information.  The telephone number is usually published with the Notice of Sale in the newspaper. 

The Carver County Recorder's Office has public access computer terminals available during business hours.  Interested bidders may wish to use these computers to research any subsequent mortgages and/or liens on the property.

Interested bidders generally do not have access to look at the property prior to sale.  An exception would be if the property is for sale.  In those circumstances, interested bidders may contact the realtor to arrange viewing of the property.

In Carver County, sales are conducted in the lobby of the Carver County Sheriff's Office.  A sheriff's deputy or designee reads the Notice of Sale.  The mortgagee's representative will then open bidding with the amount due on the property.  Any other interested buyers may then bid on the property.  Bids must be in increments of one dollar or more.  The buyer must present cash or certified funds (made payable to Carver County) in entirety to the sheriff at the time of the sale. 

After the sale, the sheriff issues a Report of Sale.  The Report of Sale acts as a receipt for the sale.

After the sale, the mortgagor has a period of time, usually six or twelve months to redeem or sell the premises.  During that time, the mortgagor may continue to live in the home.  If the mortgagor does redeem, the buyer's money is returned with interest.  If the mortgagor does not redeem, the buyer may begin the eviction process. 

If the mortgagor does not redeem, creditors with liens on the property may then redeem. 

The preceding information represents only a general outline of information to answer commonly asked questions.  Please refer to Minnesota laws or an attorney for further information.