Inmate Telephone Calls

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When an inmate arrives at Carver County Jail he/she is offered the use of the free, unmonitored phone after the booking process is complete. Inmates are also offered the use of the free phone after their initial bail hearing to arrange payment of their bail/bond. When the booking process is complete, an inmate is issued a PIN number to use in their housing unit to make collect phone calls. Inmates are allowed to make phone calls when they are out of their cells. Inmates in the Carver County Jail are locked down several times a day and are unable to make calls during that time.

The Carver County Sheriff's Office uses Correctional Billing Services (CBS), a division of Securus Technologies, as a service provider for the inmate communications system. Please read the following for more information on receiving and troubleshooting inmate phone calls.

  • When an inmate makes a call to your phone, a computerized voice will give you instructions to accept, decline or to block the call. Please listen to all the options before making your selection.
  • For information on receiving calls, prepaid accounts, problems with disconnects and policy and procedures, click here to view frequently asked questions.
  • Calls from the Carver County Jail can be restricted for many reasons.
  • If you do not wish to receive calls from an inmate at the Carver County Jail you have several options.
    1) Listen to the computerized voice when the call comes in and select the "block call" option.
    2) Contact the jail at 952-361-1145 and we will block the call for you. If you are the victim of a crime and the perpetrator is trying to call you, contact us at 952-361-1145 to report the calls and to have your number blocked by us.    
    3) For information on how to block calls through CBS, click here.
    4) Calls from the facility can appear with long distance area codes. This is due to prepaid calling cards being generated out of state.
  • To visit the Correctional Billing Services website, click here.

Due to the number of inmates in our jail, staff cannot take messages or relay messages to inmates except from legal counsel or a family physician.